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SK6812 RARE-A is an intelligent external LED light source that integrates control circuits and light emitting circuits. Its appearance is the same as an SMD4242 LED bead, and each component is a pixel. The interior of the pixel contains an intelligent digital interface data locking signal shaping and amplification driving circuit, a power supply stabilizing circuit, a built-in constant current circuit, a high-precision RC oscillator, and the output driver adopts patented PWM technology, effectively ensuring high color consistency of the light inside the pixel. The data protocol adopts a unipolar return to zero code communication method. After the pixel is powered on and reset, the DIN terminal receives the data transmitted from the controller. The first 24bit data sent is extracted by the first pixel and sent to the data latch inside the pixel. The remaining data is processed and amplified by the internal shaping circuit, and then transmitted to the next cascaded pixel through the DO port. After each pixel transmission, The signal is reduced by 24 bits. Pixel points adopt automatic shaping and forwarding technology, so that the number of cascaded pixels is not limited by signal transmission, only limited by signal transmission speed requirements.

Product features:

1. Top SMD internally integrates high-quality external control single wire serial cascade constant current IC

2. The control circuit and chip are integrated into the SMD 4242 component to form a complete external control pixel, with uniform and consistent color temperature effect

3. Built in data shaping circuit, any pixel receives a signal and undergoes waveform shaping before outputting, ensuring that line waveform distortion does not accumulate

4. Built in power on reset and power off reset circuits, no light on when powered on

5. Grayscale adjustment circuit (256 levels of grayscale adjustable)

6. Special treatment for red light drive, more balanced color matching

7. Single line data transmission with infinite cascading capability

8. Shaping forwarding reinforcement technology, with transmission distance between two points exceeding 10M

9. The data transmission frequency can reach 800Kbps, and when the refresh rate is 30 frames/second, the number of cascades should not be less than 1024 points

Main application areas:

LED full color luminous character light string; LED full color module; LED illusion soft and hard light strip; Christmas lighting; LED appearance/scene lighting LED point light source; LED pixel screen; LED shaped screen; Various electronic products, electrical equipment, and running lights.

Product size: 4.2x4.2x1.3mm