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Product Numbers: S5050RGBY

Product description: S5050RGBY

S5050  provides the leading Chip on Ceramic  type of LED technology for high efficiency solid-state lighting solutions. It offers excellent uniformity, flexibility and cost efficiency along with compact size and wide range of color selections. All components are produced by packing high-performance LED chips and silicon resin with proprietary phosphors.
1. Features and Benefits
     . Ideal for LED lighting application to avoid multi-shadows
     . Higher heat conductivity for better thermal management
     . Provide variable and innovative array LED layout designs and combinations
     . Reduce the initial development cost and time
     . High lumen-performance per dollar cost
     . Lead free reflow solder compatible with RoHS compliant
2. Applications
. Solid State Lighting 
. Indoor/Outdoor/Decoration
. Signal Light Engine
. Commercial Display
. Industrial Light Engine
3. Dimensions and Materials
. Dimensions: 5.5 mm x 5.0 mm  x 1.6 mm
. Packages:  Top SMD
. Capsulated Resin: Silicone Resin with Aluminate Phosphor
. Electrodes: Ag Plating
. Chips: Total 4 chips packed in a cavity
4. General Information
     S50 RGBY
     R  620-625NM
     G  520-525NM
     B  465-470NM
     Y  588-593NM  
5.Absolute Maximum Ratings
Power Dissipation Yellow Pd 0.048 W
Red 0.048
Green 0.072
Blue 0.072
D.C Forward Current If 20 mA
Pulse Forward Current (*1) Ifp 100 mA
Thermal Resistance , Junction-Case (*2) Rθj-c 230 ℃/W
Reverse Voltage Vr 5 V
Operating Temperature Topr - 20~+65
Storage Temperature Tstg - 40~+100
Soldering Temperature (Reflow) (*3) Tsld max.240 < 5sec
*1: Ifp conditions: 1/10 Duty Cycle & 0.1ms for pulse width.
*2: Rth test condition: Mounted on PC Board FR 4 (pad size≥40mm2)
*3: Reflow method: 1.2mm MCPCB from body for 5 seconds not exceeding the recommended maximum temperature.

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